WHat is the NOcc?


Nevada Obstetrical Charity Clinic is a nonprofit clinic that has been established to help people obtain affordable healthcare by reducing the medical fees such as appointments with a health care provider, laboratory studies, ultrasound/radiology, and medications.

This organization was established for patients whom cannot afford insurance and are not eligible for Medicaid or Medicare. The NOCC can obtain reduced fees due to our non-profit status 501(C)3. This allows us to negotiate with other medical companies to lower the cost of their medical supplies or services. All donations to this company will go toward a medical necessity clinic, education to help prevent teen pregnancies, research and development, and cancer screening for women. The medical necessity clinic is run by a group of doctors that decide if a patient needs a particular procedure to reduce a health care crisis. For example, “35 year old patient with chronic hypertension, obesity and diabetes that has 6 children with prior pregnancies with dilated cardiomyopathy desires a sterilization procedure.” This committee will meet and apply donation funds to help this patient obtain a sterilization procedure. This committee understands that future pregnancies could increase this patient’s morbidity as well as possible mortality.

How do I know this clinic is right for me?

The NOCC has a clinic set up for early access prenatal care as well as health care screening for women. Health care screening for women focuses on guidelines obtained from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Patients can qualify for free mammograms over the age of 50 and free pap smears over the age of 40. Please see age appropriate recommended screening for women and how early access to prenatal care can make a difference.

What should I bring TO my first visit?

Please bring a list of all medications taking and, if possible, a log of all vaccinations as well as:

  • Proof of monthly income
  • Proof of address under your name
  • Picture ID
  • Medicaid denial letter if applicable